A system is in place for judges to provide feedback to clubs and organisations, and clubs and organisations to provide feedback to judges.

The system allows continuous improvement of judging and hosting standards by alerting judges, clubs and organisations to the way their performance has been perceived.

When completed the site will show the average performance score of each judge and the average hosting score for each club and organisation.  The data will only be visible to registered financial clubs, organisations and judges.


  • Judges will be able to see the scores given to them by each club
  • Clubs and organisations will see the scores given to them by judges
  • Clubs, organisations, or judges receiving unexpected scores should contact each other with a view to clarifying the information and using it to improve judging and hosting standards.
  • The information provided to all registered judges, clubs and organisations will be anonymous and only cumulative average scores will be visible to Members.
  • The information provided to clubs, organisations and judges from each other will be more detailed and will only be visible to the judges, clubs and organisations involved in the specific judging event in question.


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Club Feedback on Judges

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Judge Feedback on Clubs

Feedback on Judges form  Feedback on Clubs form